Name:   Tani  
  Meaning:   Friendly  
  Rank:   Alpha Female  
  Gender:   female  
  Species:   Canis Lupus Canus  

  Mother:   Desoto  
  Father:   Rhosco  
  Siblings:   Kalimba, Danver, Taibu
(all half-siblings)
  Mate:   Former mate: Arandir  
  Cubs:   Meril, Atavias, Rohan,
Sovar, Darivo

  Character:   • Passionate
• Spiritual minded
• Curious
• Tender-hearted
• Sensitive and caring
• Moody and impatient
• Short-tempered
• Dreamful

Character and artwork
© TaniDaReal

Character Sheet

Short biology

  • Was born as the only cub of Desoto, but has 3 half-siblings
  • Stressed relationship with her father Rhosco
  • Went on a long journey to the human's place
  • Had 5 cubs with the Cave Wolf Arandir
  • Became single alpha leader (without partner)

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