Name:   Atavias  
  Meaning:   "stiffness, toughness"  
  Rank:   Member of the pack  
  Gender:   female  
  Species:   Hybrid Canis Lupus Canus/
Canis Lupus Spelaea

  Mother:   Tani  
  Father:   Arandir  
  Siblings:   Rohan, Meril,
Sovar, Darivo
  Mate:   none  
  Cubs:   none  

  Character:   • Recalcitrant and
• Strong and wilful
• Touchy
• Wants to be a leader
• Good runner/hunter

Character and artwork
© TaniDaReal

Character Sheet

Short biology

  • Trouble maker, is usually opposed to everything
  • Close friend to Ascar and Tarim
  • Likes hunting and physical training
  • Although she is quite insubordinate, she sometimes gives in
  • Wants to be a leader one day, but not of the WeuUkoo pack
  • Sometimes fights with other pack members

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