Name:   Kalimba  
  Meaning:   "Moon"  
  Rank:   Member of the pack
  Gender:   female  
  Species:   Canis Lupus Canus  

  Mother:   Nishari  
  Father:   Rhosco  
  Siblings:   Danver, Tani (half sister)  
  Mate:   Satharo  
  Cubs:   Tarim, Bandur  

  Character:   • Great ability to make
  others smile
• Playful and energetic
• Warm hearted/caring
• Decent and modest
• Cunning
• Leading howler

Character and artwork
© TaniDaReal

Character Sheet

Short biology

  • Lost her mother during a hunt
  • Joined the WeuUkoo pack when she was still a cub
  • Always had a good relationship to her brother Danver
  • Humorous sweet wolf, often there for cheering others up
  • Kind of omega, though mate of one of the most powerful wolves
  • Very decent and modest wolf, never interested in leadership

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