Name:   Bandur  
  Meaning:   -  
  Rank:   Young Consultant  
  Gender:   male  
  Species:   Canis Lupus Canus  

  Mother:   Kalimba  
  Father:   Satharo  
  Siblings:   Tarim  
  Mate:   none  
  Cubs:   none  

  Character:   • Smartest cub of all
• Intellectually gifted
  (despite his young age)
• Young consultant
• Clever and decent
• Learns very quickly
• Sensible
• Independent

Character and artwork
© TaniDaReal

Character Sheet

Short biology

  • The smartest member of all WeuUkoo Wolves, despite his young age
  • Relaxed and self-confident, yet humorous and playful
  • Adult members often listen to his advice
  • Doesn't like to fight and prefers beating others with words

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