Name:   Taibu  
  Meaning:   "Who does good"  
  Rank:   Mentor to Tani
Counselor to the pack
  Gender:   male  
  Species:   Canis Lupus Canus  

  Mother:   Desoto  
  Father:   Tharsirion  
  Siblings:   Tani  
  Mate:   none  
  Cubs:   none  

  Character:   • Very spiritual minded
• Counselor and advisor
• Mentor to Tani
• Helpful and caring
• Fighting for the good
• Young at heart
• Close relationship to
  his father

Character © Taibu
Artwork © TaniDaReal

Character Sheet

Short biology

  • Was born in the WeuUkoo pack as son of Desoto and Tharsirion
  • When Rosco joined the pack, Tharsirion realized it would be better to leave. Desoto agreed and he took cub Taibu with him to raise him.
  • His father taught him a lot about spirituality and mystic
  • After several years they came back (Reunion with WeuUkoo pack)
  • Taibu became counselor and mentor to his sister Tani

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