Name:   Sador  
  Meaning:   "Trustworthy"  
  Rank:   -  
  Gender:   male  
  Species:   Canis Lupus Canus  

  Mother:   Sador's mother  
  Father:   Sador's father  
  Siblings:   Sombra  
  Mate:   Sherisaa  
  Cubs:   Atir, Disari, Lassa  

  Character:   • Skeptical
• Careful
• Warm-hearted and shy
• Great at howling
• Storyteller

Character and artwork
© TaniDaReal

Character Sheet

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Character Sheet

Short biology

  • Born in his family pack in Sarn Eryn
  • His parents died of a strange disease
  • Had to escape with his sister Sombra when hostile wolves attacked
  • Was rescued by Desoto and taken into the WeuUkoo pack
  • Student of Avias' storytelling
  • Became mate of Sherisaa and had 3 cubs

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