Name:   Ascar  
  Meaning:   "wild, ferocious"  
  Rank:   Member of the pack  
  Gender:   female  
  Species:   Canis Lupus Canus  

  Mother:   Sombra  
  Father:   Danver  
  Siblings:   Seregon  
  Mate:   none  
  Cubs:   none  

  Character:   • Ferocious and rude
• Doesn't like rules
• Hot tempered
• Likes scaring others
• Often blames others
• Aggressive

Character and artwork
© TaniDaReal

Character Sheet

Short biology

  • Youngest cub (together with her brother), but already the wildest
  • Leader of the trouble trio Ascar-Atavias-Tarim
  • Often gets into fights with other members
  • The only one she likes talking to is Bandur, as he is usually all relaxed and ignores her behaviours
  • Like terrifying her siblings (especially Jarrok)
  • Ascar strongly wants to become leader one day
  • To get what she wants, she does not back away from hurting others

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