"The WeuUkoo Wolves" (idea, species, character designs, story concept) were created and developed by me since 2001.

The WeuUkoo Wolves novel is being written and developed by Cairyn. Thank you so much for the creative input!

Some of the characters are inspired by existing persons, some characters are fictional. Please note that the WeuUkoo Wolves are no public roleplay community.

None of my WeuUkoo characters is free for roleplay,
nor you can join the pack or become a member, sorry!

The pictures/characters are not free for use (avatars).

Books that inspired me a lot and for what I respectfully give credit are
"The Wolves of Time" by William Horwood and
"Wolves of the Beyond" by Kathryn Lasky.

That's fine:
  • Of course drawing pictures of my characters is all fine and very much appreciated. Receiving fanart is always a great honor. :)
  • If you upload those pictures, please give credit (just some info about the character)
  • You may post my original (unaltered) artwork when giving credit
  • You can use my pictures for private use (e.g. as desktop background)
Please do NOT:
  • Use my WeuUkoo characters for roleplay / avatars
  • Write your name on it and claim the character(s) would be you
  • Edit/Alter my characters in any way
  • Copy my artwork or character designs (claim it as your own)
  • Use them for anything commercial