WeuUkoo Wolves - The Wolves of Sidh Eryn

I created the WeuUkoo Wolves in 2001 and continued developing the story and backgrounds over the years. Originally I was planning to draw a comic (the idea is still on my list) I was very happy to welcome my friend Cairyn, a talented writer, who joined the project to guide me. He even went further, and started writing a novel about the WeuUkoo Wolves, including my characters and basic ideas, extending and developing the story, territory and backgrounds.

The story is currently in progress (and things are still changing), so until a final version (or even publication) is available, I have taken the story offline again (as parts were already out-dated).

I am very excited about how the story is going on, and can't express how thankful I am to Cairyn for this amazing gift and honor. It would be my dream to publish the story as book one day. I promise I'll do my best to make this happen.

Book 1:
The travelers of Eru (Die Wanderer von Eru)

"Listen, pups! Listen, listen!

Underneath your paws, mother earth. Above your heads, stars in the darkness. In the darkness, two moons: the pup and the shaman, Sarifaar and Galvarn. In your fur, the wind. In the wind, the scent of the night. Listen."

WeuUkoo - The Wolves of Sidh Eryn
Written by Cairyn, Characters by TaniDaReal