Here is a map (not true to scale, just to give an overview about the country) of the WeuUkoo Wolves' territory, as well as the surrounding areas. Click the map for full view.

Land and Mountains:
The Lost Country: Wide Northern lands (former home), that Desoto and Avias had to travel through to reach Eru. A dried-out riverbed (1) leads down into the Canyon.
Eru Valley /
    Eru Canyon:
The large Eru Valley (75km diameter from West to East), which is surrounded by precipices as result of former volcanic eruption. Crossed W-E by the large river Sirion (Eru Canyon), which becomes very broad and rapid in the East, finally opening out into the Eastern plain lands. And by the smaller river Dakaron from North to South. The Canyon offers various interesting landscapes and forests (Kathrak Eryn, Urath Eryn). Preferred hunting ground of the WeuUkoo Wolves.
The Mountainous
High mountain chain in the South-West, dividing the Sarn Forest and the Sidh Forest.
Orthu Kerun: Huge black brimstone mountain (the origin of the Canyon) guarding Eru at it's Northern border (7). Orthu Kerun is the leftovers of a volcano which was active many generations ago.
Sidh Eryn: "The Forest of Peace"
Covering the Southern and highest precipices. Home and all beginning of the WeuUkoo Wolves. Bordering on the huge Mountainous Ridge in the West, and only accessible through a tiny pass on the high precipices ("Fennas") (3), which makes it a very safe place.
Sarn Eryn: "Forest of Hills"
On top of the high Western precipices. Crossed by the mountain river, which ends in several water falls, like the Lanthir Falls. The only way to cross that river is a small bridge near the waterfalls. Home of Sombra's and Sador's former pack.
Urath Eryn: "Bear Forest"
A rich, dark forest at the North-East of Eru Canyon, inhabited by bears (a dangerous place for wolves).
Kathrak Eryn: "Stone Forest"
A dangerous, uncomfortable place located in the North-West of Eru Canyon. Guarded by Orthu Kerun, the large brimstone mountain (once a vulcano), there are lots of large stones and dead trees. Many parts are poisoned by sulfuric gases.

Lanthir Falls: Very high water falls, bringing the mountain river down the canyon in form of the River Sirion.
River Sirion: Wide river crossing the Eru Canyon from West to East. In the Western area, the river flows in a bendy line, which makes it slower and smoother there. In the middle of Eru and the Eastern parts, it turns into a wild and dangerous river with a very deep gorge (Canyon), which is almost impossible to cross. The Canyon opens out into the Eastern plain lands.
River Dakaron: Smaller river crossing Eru from the North and enters the Sirion River.
The water hole: The WeuUkoo Wolves' main place for drinking when they stay in Sidh Eryn.
The Lakes: The three lakes located in Eru Canyon.
Ways and passes:
Fennas (The Pass): The only access to the precipes of Sidh Eryn (3). The small, hidden path is cliffy and quite difficult to climb.
The Look-Out: A ledge (5) about 60m above the canyon ground. It is only accessible through a secret submontane passage beginning in one of the Sentry hills/caves at the Fennas Pass. Perfect place for guarding the path.
Housing / Locations:
The Main Den: Main den (4) of the WeuUkoo located in Sidh Eryn, consisting of 2 large and 1 smaller den with several levels inside. The dens are forming an open circle around a sandy low ground area. One large oak (Ancestral-Oak) is growing on one of the bigger dens.
The graveyard: The old graveyard (6) of the WeuUkoo ancestors, about 1km away from the main den, where the last of them were put to rest many generations ago.
The Sentry Hills: The hills (3) on each side of the Fennas Path, perfect place to guard the only access to that area. The left hill includes a den, which leads to the Look-Out Ledge through a secret submontane passage.