The name "WeuUkoo" is originally a Swahili name and has a meaning.
The name is pronounced woi-ukou.

  Weu   = abbreviation of "weupe", means "Grey color"
  Ukoo   = "Clan, family"
  WeuUkoo   = "Grey colored family"

The WeuUkoo Pack - the Wolves of Sidh Eryn - are a family clan of about 25 wolves. They are related to the common European Grey Wolf, but they belong to a rare sub species (canis lupus canus) which was born about 4000 years ago. The live stock of these beautiful animals has come down to only about 150 animals. They are famous for their soft grey fur which is covered with all kinds of eye-catching markings. Their fluffy fur is softer than regular wolf fur, almost feline-like. In very rare cases, purebred WeuUkoo Wolves can also have brownish fur.

What makes the WeuUkoo different from other wolves is their ability to climb trees. Almost like foxes, they have flexible claws (though they can't completely retract them), which makes them tricky and successful hunters. They are living in a territory with many rocks and cliffs, but also a lot of forests, for what those claws and their big paws are very useful.

The WeuUkoo's hierarchy is just a little bit different from average wolves. The pack is also lead by an alpha, who can be male or female. Usually there is a female and a male alpha, but as the WeuUkoo Wolves have supporting counselors, they can also have only one single alpha. According to the situation, also the other wolves are allowed to have cubs (not only the alpha couple).

Many of the WeuUkoo are living a very spiritual way, honouring their legendary wolf ancestors and spirits of nature. Usually one or two mentors are teaching those old legends, often a shaman is doing that job. A few of them are also able to speak several animal languages, like with foxes, crows or weasels.

Every member has his/her place in the family pack, hierarchy fights are usually rare. There are consultants, mentors, protectors, figthers and guardians. The peaceful the internal ranking usually is, the stronger and powerful the pack acts against enemies.

Here you can read more about the different species, the single pack members and their territory, where the WeuUkoo had their beginning.