The website is currently still quite out of date - but I am working on it! The WeuUkoo website will continously be updated (2014).

Welcome to our territory, visitor!

We are the WeuUkoo Wolves, a pack of grey wolves, belonging to a rare subspecies called Canis Lupus Canus (created by TaniDaReal). The home of our family pack, which consists of about 25 members, is Sidh Eryn, the ancient Forest of Peace, located in the North of the great Eru Valley. But it's a long and dangerous way to get there...

On this website, you will find more about us and our story (the novel, written by Cairyn), as well as info about our territory.

The WeuUkoo Wolves are a personal project, I am sorry this is no public roleplay or community you can join/play.

Characters and artwork © TaniDaReal